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Rabbit Care

We want to assure you that the care your little furry friend receives is on par with the level of care that we provide to your larger pets as well.

Preventive Rabbit Care

Like your larger pets, small exotic pets need preventive care too. This means that regular visits are an essential part of their treatment. While rabbits are generally not vaccinated or prescribed preventives, because they are small creatures with such short lifespans in comparison to dogs and cats, it is important that they get face-time with our exotic vets at our Westside LA animal hospital on a regular basis. These check-ups allow us to discuss any changes you’ve noticed in behavior and also allow us to examine the rabbit from nose to tail, checking for any irregularities.

Specialized Care for Rabbits

Our exotic vets in Westside LA are able to provide some specialized services for rabbits, such as surgeries, as needed.  Our veterinarians are not exotic specialists, however, so if your pet should have a special need that requires attention, we can work with you to determine the best exotic vet specialist in the Westside LA area to provide care for your pet.