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Dog staring out window with reflection at Overland Veterinary Clinic

Community Outreach

The Overland Veterinary Clinic team loves the Palms community and their animal hospital is proud to be actively involved with a number of groups dedicated to the well-being of animals. We love being a part of our community and want our clients to recognize how important community outreach is to our team!

Black dog with Ball at Overland Veterinary Clinic

CageFree K9 Rescue

Dr. Schwartz is on the board of directors for CageFree K9 Rescue in Westside LA. He offers consultations about handling puppies with parvo in a cage free environment.


Dr. Schwartz is also on the board of directors for HemoPet, which is the only blood bank for dogs on the west coast. This program, which was created by W. Jean Dodds, DVM, has many benefits for the pet parent community. The HemoPet team rescues greyhounds from the racetrack to provide universal donor blood, and then they are rehomed after two years of service. HemoPet is more than just a blood bank as it is also a non-profit with a goal to educate and help the pet owners of the Westside LA community and beyond.

Closeup of a Bulldog at Overland Veterinary Clinic

Other Rescues

The veterinary team at Overland Veterinary Clinic also works with other area rescue groups including:

Adopt and Shop

The local Adopt and Shop is a local establishment in the Westside LA community where pet owners can shop for pet supplies and products, as well we adopt pets! Dr. Schwartz has an established friendship with the owner of Adopt and Shop and highly recommends the business for pet owners and potential pet owners.